About us

Why we're special ?

Operating for more than 12 Year in the manufacturing of all kinds of wooden furniture and handicrafts, we have surpassed many landmarks regarding our quality, reliability, and capacity of manufactured goods. The original aims and values still hold true: to offer high quality, beautiful and uniquely designed furniture and accessories – handmade from natural material and sourced with the environment in mind.

Exclusive handcrafted designs

Beautiful, individual furniture doesn't happen by chance. It's the human element, the careful hand finishing by skilled craftsmen that gives Grahshilp.com furniture such a personal feel and ensures that you will not find our products anywhere else. It's hard to believe just how much care and attention goes into producing a single piece of furniture. Numerous stages are required to construct and finish each item by hand to the highest standards. It's the individual, loved and reassuringly lived in feel of our furniture that really sets us apart. After all - you don't have to travel far to get the best.

Our own large manufacturing setup

Having our own large manufacturing background of our parental company, we have two units at Churu, Rajasthan (200km away from Jaipur) and one unit at Sitapura Industrial area, Jaipur. We have three seasoning plants with 15000 sq. cft./month and two chemical treatment plants for termite free products. Manufacturing is done for all types of wood such as (sheesham, acacia (babul), mango, teak, etc. and as per the nature of the order)

Quality & finishing

We are better known for our outstanding performance in the field of quality and finishing throughout our export and retail circle, and this, you can see for yourself while observing our products. We use only the finest quality wood and as the goods pass through several strict quality control checks, therefore no room is left for any kind of defect whatsoever.

We deliver differently

As orders are taken keeping in view of our capacity therefore, the question of late delivery will simply not arise. Once you've set your heart on your stunning new furniture range. Your ordered furniture will be shipped as per the nature of order;

Ready to ship furniture - Shipped in 7 - 10 business days.
Made to order furniture - Shipped in 21- 25 business days.

Friendly Schemes and Prices

As everything from manufacturing to finishing is done solely by us and for want of establishing a stronghold in export and retail market, our prices are lower as compared to other company and online retailer that too without any deterioration in quality.
All our furniture is from controlled cultures. Worked carefully and practically tailored to your needs! Whether for the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, the office, or the garden, get inspired and discover the wonderful world of furniture for your home. By its very nature the wood has variations in color and grain giving it an amazing look and makes each of our unique furniture. Let yourself be seduced by our furniture that successfully combines the rustic charm of solid wood with an elegant and modern design. In our lives, we all need a little oasis where we find ourselves face to face with family or with friends. At Grahshilp.com you will find a wide range of furniture that combine beauty, pleasure and comfort. Nothing like to give you a little happiness! Sit right click - buy securely from your comfortable room.

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